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Yoga for ex-prisoners 

The COPS Club offer a clean, friendly and safe space for ex-prisoners. We assist in improving confidence and respect for others through Yoga and meditation. Non judgmental time focuses on empowering people to rejoin society.

Restoring, rebuilding and repairing self-confidence for attendees is the aim of The COPS Club. We offer a free weekly Yoga and meditation class to ex-prisoners and SHOC visitors. We greet and treat all who join our project as respected friends.

The only boundaries are that when attending, there is an understanding that no alcoholic drink or drugs should be taken into the building and appropriate friendly behaviour is always expected. 


Thursdays 1.00 pm

@ SHOC The Quaker Meeting House, 74 Ragstone Road, Slough SL1 2PX 

Breathe, stretch, relax and still your mind. Over time, the ancient practice of Yoga and meditation, can help people deal with life situations more comfortably. 

The system that imprisons people and releases them, expecting them to be able to seamlessly step back into society is setting many ex-offenders up to fail. Most of us desire a normal life, with a home, job and supportive family or friends.

However, there is a huge stigma for ex-offenders and they are at a severe disadvantage as they seek employment. Appropriate accommodation is difficult and confidence in being able to cope with “normal” life is often shattered.

Many visitors to SHOC, the homeless day centre have mental health issues or problems with addiction, making it really difficult for them to cope daily. Recently, the benefit laws have forced many into homelessness, due to housing debt. 

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Who Are We?

The initial team who developed the COPS Club, had a variety of life experiences, including in depth experience as Yoga teachers. Some have taught Yoga in prisons under the guidance of The Prison Phoenix Trust, who give help, support and training to all their yoga teachers who work in prisons.

The initial idea of the COPS Club was developed in 2018 and our first Yoga and meditation class was in February 2019 at SHOC. The COPS Club hugely appreciates being welcomed by SHOC, Slough Homeless Our Concern and we work closely with their staff. SHOC is open daily to homeless and vulnerable people in the Slough area.

They give meals, offer showers and give help and advice with the benefit system and rehousing. They are a genuinely friendly team who have set clear boundaries for a safe space for all their visitors. SHOC also works with the charity, Trinity who provide supported housing for single people in Slough and Hillingdon.

The COPS Club have regular meetings to decide the best way to meet our aims and objectives of improving confidence and relaxation, to help those who come to our classes begin to cope with their life situations better. Also issues of funding are considered to enable the present and future successful running of The COPS Club. 

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Who is Welcomed to our Yoga and Meditation classes
Coming out of prison can be traumatic for many, especially when periods of incarceration have eroded self confidence and the inner tools for survival. We have outlined the steps to ensure that all guests are treated with equal resect, whatever their differences. We have looked closely at the Government’s Equality Policy 2010 to take guidance so as not to discriminate against anyone who has gender issues, those of a different race, anyone who is pregnant, disabled or elderly.

Gender Issues
Anyone with gender issues will be included and the Yoga class will proceed as usual. Positive and encouraging comments will be offered by the Yoga teacher, to gay and straight people attending the class. It is hoped this will promote a friendly, accepting atmosphere.

Those of a different race
Anyone of a different race, particularly if their understanding of English is limited will be encouraged to follow the movements of the Yoga teacher, who will perform each asana, or movement in full view of those taking part in the class. In this way, all should feel included

Expectant Mothers
Anyone who joins the class whilst pregnant, is advised to start Yoga and meditation after they have reached fourteen weeks gestation, then The COPS Club encourages joining in with a gentle practice. No twists or inversions should be practised and during relaxation, lie on the left side rather than the back or right side.

Disabled People
The COPS Club believes that we can all benefit from yoga and meditation. We will always tailor the class to any disability and ability. Some may want to sit on a chair and work mostly on joints, fingers, toes etc without any risk of falling. Breathing and relaxation is also an important part of Yoga. The positive and encouraging comments from the Yoga teacher to all in the class, will hopefully promote a friendly atmosphere between the disabled and fitter people in the class.

Older People
We welcome all ages, there are a few older, ex-prisoners and those who have become homeless. It is likely that this group in particular have had long periods of failure and disappointments. Therefore, it is important that they experience success and enjoyment whilst practicing breathing techniques alongside gentle body movements. The classes should be structured to feature breathing practises, gentle joint and body movements, encouraging relaxation and a feeling of well being.The aim is for them to enjoy the class. 

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Generously supported previously by the Louis Baylis Charitable Trust